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What if we were the first church? What if we truly engaged in the biblical community displayed in Acts (See Chapter 2:42-47)? What if we believed and embraced God’s power in our lives? Our world would be forever changed! That’s what we are talking about here: What if! What if God could do, just as he promised he that He would do, with His church. Our duty, as the Church of Jesus Christ, is to move beyond the walls of our building and into our world – a world that desperately needs to know the message, the truth and the hope that is found only in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It begins in our homes. It begins -together. It begins with YOU!

What If?

What If

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What is it?

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How Can I Get Involved?

      • Step 1: Register to host or find a group. Simply click on your choice above
      • Step 2: Attend a 15 min orientation. Immediately following a Sunday service
      • Step 3: Pick up your materials. See the resource button above
      • Step 4: Open your home. Invite your friends, family or neighbors
      • Step 5: Watch God move in your life -and the lives of those around you!

Words from Our Leaders

“What if Thomas Road Baptist Church became like the first church? The first church that lived and ministered like the first church in the book of Acts, and the first church since Pentecost that truly understood and believed and embraced God’s power in our lives?”
Jonathan Falwell, Senior Pastor
“We want to be the church that brings the people of God into our community -to be the hands and feet of Christ to a world in desperate need of a Savior.”
Adam Deyo, Director of Adult Ministries
“Life Groups is our greatest catalyst, for taking you outside the walls of our church, into our community and into the world!”
Tim Grandstaff, Director of Missions & Outreach
“I love being in my life group, because it gives me the opportunity to consistently connect with my friends and rejoice with what God is doing in their lives.”
Kelsey Schwenk, Group Life Assistant
“My husband and I have made our very best friends in life groups. We want for every couple in our church to have those kind of close friends.”
Lisa Bryant, Director of Leader Development
“Just think, what if God used you to reach your neighborhood for Christ. And what if God used that neighborhood to spark a revival in this city? It could happen. It starts with us!”
Charles Billingsley, TRBC Worship Leader
“I truly believe that God wants us to be in community, practicing the “one another’s”, loving one another -getting on the team and then going out into our Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria with the Gospel.”
Matt Willmington, Director of Ministries